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The trust is basically a non-profit organization with an intension to serve the public. The aims as outlined in it’s constitution are predefined and to improve the status in the treatment and management of arthritis The areas which the trust has committed to work:

The areas which the trust has committed to work:

To organize camps in less privileged areas.

  • To recognize and identify patients with arthritis at the earliest and wherever possible to treat these patients.
  • Patients needing further management are referred to appropriate institutions.
  • To identify the patients needing physical rehabilitation and guide them.
  • To understand both the privilege of the disease in the community and their input on society

To publish educational material to primary care proffesionals and to patients.

  • A bi-monthly periodical Arthritis New is circulated free of cost to health professionals containing articles from experts in field of arthritis and immunology.
  • Support in the form of grant-in-aid for publications, which disseminate information regarding the disease-arthritis.

Promote Research activity in the field of arithritis

  • The trust has setup a fund that can support and develop research activity in the field of arthritis and immunology. The fund will be set apart each year to develop facility in any of the identified institute. A state of art facility for research in the field of immunology and arthritis.
  • Rehabilitation and vocational training for individuals suffering from arthritis in Indian scenario is not adequate. This is mainly a socio-economical issue and is the major area of thrust for the trust to operate upon.

Counting Medical Education Programme and training fellowship for clinical and paraclinical professional

  • Organization of education lectures for the public, regarding the various aspects of health and specifically about arthritis
  • There is a proposal to encourage the young physician to go for rheumatology and immunology training in the center of excellence in India. The trainee will be financially supported to carry out the course. This is with an intention to increase the number of personnel required to care for the growing number of patients with arthritis
  • In this scheme which we are proposing to start in due course of time, training of social and psychosocial counsellors will be taken up. They will be trained for both domiciliary and hospital based counselling of the patients.

Direct and Indirect patient care for the needy and non-affordable

  • The patients who are financially deprived and cannot access the best care for arthritis and immunological disorder are supported through a separate fund earmarked for such activities.