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Arthritis is a chronic disabling disease affecting more than 15% of the population. Immunological alteration is responsible for the disease. This disease produces a lot of disability and handicap. With an early and appropriate intervention this disability in preventable. Ignorance and lack of awareness about this disease is the major contributor to the disability.

As early as 128-200 AD, the great Physician Galen pointed out in his treatise “Now is not a disgraceful state of affaire that a human who had an excellent constitution should need to be carried about by other people owing to Gout. Is it not disgraceful that a person should, by reason of that extraordinary thing Arthritis, be unable to use his hands and should need somebody else to bring food to his mouth and to perform his toilet necessary for him. And even if one overlook the disgraceful aspect of this disease, yet one cannot overlook the pain these people suffer. And the cause for all this must be referred to dissipation or ignorance or both.”

Contrary to the common belief that Arthritis is a disease of the aged people, it also affects younger age groups also. It is not a rare disease. More than 15% of general population suffer from Arthritis, with 1% of them suffering from a very severe form of this disease. As we are an ageing up population, we have the increasing burden of caring for the elderly. In this elderly group more than 40% suffer from incapacitating joint pains. To mitigate the pain and disability of them we need to rise-up and meet the challenge.

The treatment modalities for Arthritis, especially the immunological Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis still needs further refinement. There is a felt need for further research in this field. There are no funding and supporting bodies in the both Government and Non- Government sectors. There is a need for such Organisation to support some research work in this field especially with reference to the Indian context.

The Speciality services in the field of Arthritis and Immunology are not accessible to the poor and needy. Also, these services are not available extensively. A lot of effort is required to have trained personnel. An organization should support and encourage these personnel.

There is a need for improvement in the very outlook regarding the management of Arthritis. Changes in attitude are required both from the professionals & the patients. In order to achieve these goals a platform is required to conceptualize, formulate and put into practice through different programmes.

The Immunology & Arthritis Research & Education Trust is created with the clear idea of catering to the needs of non-affordable in getting specialist care in Immunological and Rheumatological diseases, to promote research in Immunology and Rheumatology, to undertake awareness programmes both for the primary physicians and general public as also to conduct free camps and clinics to identify new cases and help them get proper therapy.