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Free Clinic

As we all know, there are patients who cannot access the best of care for Arthritis and Immunological diseases due to financial constraints. One of the prime objectives of this trust is to provide direct and indirect care for the needy by free/subsidized treatment supplemented with free medicines.

Our Initiatives

  • At CRICR, a free clinic is organized for the benefit of the needy and non-affordable patients, and available free medicines are dispensed from the trust drug bank.
  • The trust tries to help the patients who find it difficult to afford proper diagnosis and management of their diseases in the following ways:
  • Evaluate their need for support through counseling by Medico-Social Worker through a standardized preformed checklist.
  • Trust recommends and extends suitable support to these patients.
  • Free consultation / subsidized diagnostic tests, hospitalization facilities, etc. from ChanRe Rheumatology & Immunology Center & Research / ChanRe Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Disbursal of drugs free of cost to the non-affordable patients from the trust drug bank as per the prescriptions of the doctors in CRICR.

Our Goals

  • Creation of specific disease support funds and to expand further activity
  • Direct donor participation initiatives

Current Achievements (Year 2023)

Till the current year 2023, the trust has extended monetary and drug support to the economically deprived patients with the major contribution from partnering organization CRICR as follows:

  • Total number of patients on support: 220 under the free clinic scheme.
  • Support for free consultations: more than Rs. 6,00,000/-
  • Support for subsidized/free investigation: approximately Rs. 6,00,000/-
  • Support for Treatment: Free Drug Dispensing from Drug Bank
  • Identification and collaboration with other donors / donor organizations for further support to patients.