Educational Activities

1. In-Depth Workshops for Primary Physicians

Graduating from publishing arthritis newsletters, the trust started conducting in-depth workshops for primary physicians as a "Course in Immunology."

These bi-annual workshops involved eminent speakers from other institutions with faculty of CRICR and CDL. Each workshop used to be for a minimum of 30 physicians or more with a lot of interaction for learning and exchange of views.

2. Annual Workshop for Postgraduate Students and Junior Faculty

With a view to support the postgraduates and junior faculty in medical and life sciences, a regular annual program in the form of an interactive workshop titled "Training program on Research Methodology, Data Management and Biostatistics using Web-Based Statistical Software" is being conducted regularly.

Till now successfully conducted 10 training programs including 2 virtual programs in the years 2012 to 2017, 2019, 2020-2021 (Virtual), and 2022.

The trust has been conducting these 2-day annual workshops, which are detailed interacting workshops using online tools for proper learning in the field of biostatistics. This workshop is handled by an eminent, qualified Biostatistician and senior faculty from CRICR & CDL and other outside faculty as per need.

This is a program much appreciated by postgraduate students and well attended also.

3. Continuing Medical Education Programmes

Continuation of Medical Education Programmes in collaboration with other organizations conducted as per need and request. These will be focusing on the field of Immunology or Immunological Diseases, etc.

4. Practical Field Work for Master of Social Work Students

The trust gives scope for students of Master of Social Work (MSW) to learn practical fieldwork relating to the execution of social work, identification of non-affordable patients, and their needs and counseling, etc.